Robe is about 230NM to the southeast of Adelaide and has a safe marina in Lake Butler, just to the East of the main town. Deeper drafted vessels can anchor in sand outside if unable to enter the marina.

The marina has a depth of 2-2.5m, has spaces for visiting boats, a slipway, boat ramp and a refuelling wharf. It is run by the local council, who are very helpful.

Unfortunately, as of December 2019, the entrance has silted up to a minimum depth of 1.2 m so entry is not suitable for many types of vessels. Hopefully the entrance will be dredged again soon.

The marina entrance is well protected in just about any winds other than strong easterlies, but is relatively narrow.

Visiting boats usually berth in the berths on the northern face of the main basin. There is no footbridge across the marina entrance, so it is a significant walk around the basin to reach the start of the town.

The visitors berth/fuel wharf is on the East face of the marina.

The visitors/refuelling wharf
Looking into the entrance of the marina. Stay close to the breakwater as the water is shallow on the other side.
Looking northwest towards the visitors berths, The entrance is to the right of the photo.

Anchoring is also possible near the marina entrance. It is well protected and mostly free of too much surge. The preferred spot is a sandy hole close to the beach opposite the Robe Hotel in about 3-5m.

The hole best for anchoring is shown just to the right of the lower part of the image. Further east is more open to surge and further west has a much rockier and weedy bottom.
View of the marina entrance breakwater from near the anchoring hole.

From the marina and/or anchoring hole, the main town of Robe is about 15 minutes walk. The main supermarket and service station are on the very eastern part of town, about 20 minutes walk away.