Undercoating underway

Now all the construction has finished, it is time to paint, then bolt things on, then go sailing! Here are a few pics of how things are going.


Unfortunately we still don’t have a lens wide enough to fit in the whole boat!


Ready for final painting

The companionway pod with rim for water deflection and something to hold on to!


Finally Venom is able to bask in the sun!

Aft beam with attachments for sheets and rear stanchions.

Go fast companionway pod ready to go

Looking like a boat

Things are really starting to take shape now and she is looking like a proper boat.

Need a wider angle lens to get it all in.
Full standing headroom and a protected cockpit

Plenty of beam and buoyancy

High buoyancy floats with reverse bows

Marine quizzes

Why don’t you try some of our marine quizzes?

There are currently short quizzes on marine radio operation, seamanship and the racing rules of sailing – and they are completely free.

Questions are taken from much larger question banks so the quiz is different each time you take it.
They might be of interest if you are preparing to get a boat licence, studying for a yachtmaster qualification or just want to brush up on your knowledge.

You can take the quizzes on our quizzes page here – you never know, you might learn something!

Racing rules of sailing

We have been gradually adding the racing rules of sailing to the website. Each rule appears on the right hand side of the page and changes each time you visit the site or refresh the page – so if you visit enough you can learn them all. At present we are about half the rules on the website.

Welcome to Venom Sailing

Welcome to the Venom Sailing website.
Here you will find out everything you need to know about Venom, the 12.8m racing trimaran and her crew.
There is plenty of information about the boat and lots of shots of the build so far
In addition there are images of the original Venom as well as many other ‘classics’ (Escapade, Bagatelle, XL2, Ocean Emu, Voodoo and many more) and a few videos thrown in.

You can also refresh your memory of the racing rules whilst you are here – the rule of the day is on the sidebar.

Work has only begun on the site – so stay tuned to keep up to date.
Whilst we are getting other stuff up on the site please enjoy some of our recent Facebook posts.


3 days ago

Venom sailing

And now the port float. Looks like I won't need to take a shaving mirror..... 😀 ...

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5 days ago

Venom sailing

Starting to look shiny now..... ...

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